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Project Outline & Target

Project Outline

Due to low birth rate and longevity, the number of elderly households has been rapidly increasing and it is important to provide them with peaceful lives. In collaboration with experts from various fields such as law, engineering, medicine, business enterprise and government, we will research and develop an innovative, economic comprehensive system to support those who are impaired in their decision-making capacities by dementia. Using this system, we aim to provide fair services and job creation for older adults regardless of urban or rural area. It also enables us to cut medical expense, promote preventive measures against early dementia and reduce the turnover of caregivers. We will extend this system nationwide making it a role model in Asian countries.

Our Target

  1. Establishment of a system that allows older adults to have fulfilling lives by managing their property well.
  2. Development of surveillance systems for people with dementia people to allow them to lead peaceful, dignified and safe lives.

1. Preparatory Committee for Establishment of Decision Support Center

Decision support for older adults in collaboration with financial, law and medical institutions
  • Establishment of elderly-friendly finance institutions
  • Establishment of insurance systems to support an active senior life
  • Preparation of a guideline on assisting elderly customers in the banking
  • Creation of checklist of “red flag” indicators of impairment for early identification of difficulties
  • Building relationships between local communities and banks

2. Sensing technologies to monitor activities to aid diagnoses and disease management

Monitoring system using infrared sensor
  • Monitoring using infrared sensor to assess a range of parameters such as activity levels and facial expression analysis to enhance screening and early detection of dementia

3. Sensing technologies using radio-frequency sensor

Monitoring system using array sensor
  • Monitoring system using array sensor without damaging privacy
  • Activity data extraction for monitoring
  • Development of anti-crime measures for older adults along with rapid progress of IT

4. Identification of features in older adults’ decision-making

Elucidation of risk perception mechanism in older adults
  • Verifying effects of aging and cognitive dysfunction on trust and risk perception
  • Creation of a new academic field regarding older adults’ decision support

5. Development of capacity assessment tool using remote technology

Assessment of decision-making ability using remote communication technology
  • Capacity assessment required for decision support
  • Development of technology to support sensory impairment of older adults



Benesse Style Care CO.,LTD.
RFnetworks Corporation
The Bank of Kyoto
IIJ Global Solutions Inc
Cisco Systems G.K.
Sumitomo Electric Industries,Ltd.
Sonylife Company
Dai Nippon Printing CO.,LTD
Murata Manufacturing CO., LTD.


Univ. Belong Post Name
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, Graduate School of Medical Science Professor Jin Narumoto(※)
Kyoto Prefectural University Information Communication System Lab.
Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Professor Yasunari Yoshitomi
Kyorin University School of Medicine Department of Neuropsychiatry Professor Koichiro Watanabe
Keio University School of Medicine Department of Neuropsychiatry Professor Masaru Mimura
Keio University Dapartment of Information and Computer Scoence Professor Tomoaki Ohtsuki
Shigakukan University Department of Clinical Psychology Professor Kiyoko Iiboshi
Chuo University Facuity of Law Professor Shouichi Ogano
Tokushima University Faculty of Engineering Professor Masao Fuketa
Future University-Hakodate Department of Media Architecture Associate Professor Misako Nambu
Doshisya Women’s college of Liberal Arts Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies Professor Nahoko Kusaka
※Research Leader